Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh...Hi :)

I just found out that "some" people still check this blog! :) I'm sorry ~ I haven't posted here in so long because for the last several months my life has been all about our adoption! :) My intent was to post "general/family" stuff here and just adoption stuff on "Wings of Hope". Seems this site has been all but forgotten by me. :)
My mom has asked that her "not so flattering" (her words ~ i thought it was nice) photo be taken down from her anniversary post or else she was going to re-post one of me that is absolutely heinous! It's one of those that you think "i don't REALLY look like that, do i??" hoping with all your might that the answer is NO! haha!! :)
Anyway....I have generally been posting on my other blog and will most likely continue to do that. Not sure why I thought I needed (or could keep up with) two blogs! :)

6 butterfly kisses:

cassie said...

well, i for one check quite often and am glad to read something new. i love you and miss you more than words could say....

Annette said...

stopping by, and I too check from time to time, but mainly on your other blog.
you know what to do to Mr. Milo =)

Vonda said...

Well, I check it just about every day and although they are a lovely couple...I did get a bit tired of them!! hee hee!

Vonda said...

Oh, and if Miss Cassie reads this...I am still waiting to hear about the wonderous trip to the Florida Keys!!!

kimberly said...

i didn't ask you to remove it....just post something else so people weren't staring at it each time the visited!!! :)....but thanks!

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