Friday, June 8, 2007

The Battle is Over

I fought the Algebra class and the Algebra class won! I dropped the class after spending over an hour on 2 sections of one problem. BUT, I re-registered for the same algebra class at a different college which has a much more traditional approach to teaching ~ one that I'm used to! :) I start that the beginning of July. What a great way to spend my birthday week. :) I feel like a load has been lifted from my shoulders. I was talking to Cassie and I told her I didn't want to feel like I was "quitting" or "giving up" so I tried to stick it out as long as I could. She told me that there's a difference between quitting and making a decision that is in my best interest. She's such a smart teacher! :) Now...after a week of no Algebra hell...I know this decision was definitely in my best interest!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Catching you up :)

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the life has consumed me and left me with little time and zero creativity. :) But, it's okay ~ it's all been good!

First off, I'd like to re-introduce you to my snail vine who, if you remember just a couple months ago, was a stem with two leaves. Amazing isn't it?? Everday I look out my kitchen window and there she is, growing like crazy and producing her beautiful purple fruit! She makes me happy. (I'll post the picture when Matt gets home and reminds me how to do it. :)

I've had this idea for a couple of years now, that if only I had some roller skates I could get my exercise and give Molly the exercise she so desperately needs as well (without jogging). I didn't want roller blades...I wanted roller SKATES because, from my very vivid memory, I was a total pro on them! Well, a couple of months ago we found some at Big 5 that were very reasonable and my sweet husband surprised me with them when I got home from work one day. Little did he know at the time he had potentially served me my death sentence! :) I imagined Molly and I gliding down the sidewalk (me, in total control of course) getting our much needed exercise. So, one evening Molly and I set out for this wonderful adventure. If anyone knows Molly ~ you know exactly where I'm headed with this. Once she realized I moved just as fast as she did (and wasn't quite the pro I remembered being!) she took off with me in tow!! This was the first time in a long time when I was seriously scared of what might happen. My life began to flash before my eyes and I was trying to figure out how I would ever stop as I felt myself being dragged along down the street at top speed! All I remember is that I saw a light pole out of the corner of my eye and reach out with one arm to grab it. I ended up wrapped around this light pole on my knees in the rocks. Not quite the adventure I had in mind! I was so thankful to be stopped, but at the same time wondering who of our neighbors had witnessed this episode and are now peeing their pants because they're laughing so hard! (by the way no one has mentioned it...yet). You would think that after this I would take Molly home...well, if I weren't so determined to make this work, the answer would have been "yes", but no....I (like a hard-headed idiot) decide to keep going. As we make the bend around the back side of our house, Matt is standing out there with camera as Molly is still taking me for a ride. NICE! (I won't even go into what has taken place since the light pole incident). Well, straight ahead on the sidewalk, guess what......DUCKS! Whoa!!!! There we went again!! By the time we got home I had literally 1/2 of one of my stoppers completely worn off! Needless to say, since then my skates have sat in my closet and Molly and I are still in desparate need of exercise...maybe just something a little less life-threatening! :)

In the beginning of May Matt's parents came to see us for a couple of days. We had a lot of fun cruising Canyon Lake on the Dolly sternwheeler. We saw lots of mountain goats and really pretty rock formations. During their stay we also checked out Gila Mountain Casino for the first time. I tried to make $2o bucks last two hours and actually succeeded! Although I lost it all in the end. I think Duke and Diane both came out ahead. They are the pros ~ I should have taken some notes! :) We also went to Cracker Barrel (Diane's favorite restaurant) to celebrate Mother's Day a week early. As always it was wonderful! We really appreciated them coming to see us ~ are house is always welcome to anyone who wants to come visit! :)

In addition to working, I have also started some classes again in continuation of pursuing my nursing degree. If all comes together as planned, I should be able to apply in the Fall. Yeah!! I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology which I love and College Algebra which I don't love at all. In fact, I think it's my worst enemy right now and I'm trying to figure out how to embrace it instead of fight it! Any tips??

As always and continually for the last 6 years, Matt and I hope and pray to be blessed with children some day. It's been such a joy watching all of the new life be born into our families. I couldn't possibly love my nieces and nephews any more, but it's also hard feeling like something that is so much a part of nature and so easy for other people is something that has turned my world upside down and continues to do so on a daily basis. It's not something I ever forget or stop thinking about. Although this past mother's day (which is always one of the most difficult days of the year) I wasn't sure I would be able to spend with my family. It would be the first year that I would be the only woman at the celebration that would not be a mom. And I had began trying long before any of them where even married or thinking about conceiving. (besides my mother. :). As the days drew nearer and I had told my family that Matt and I would probably just do something on our own (which they completely understood ~ by the way I have a very wonderful support team! Although they could never understand what Matt and I go through, they are always willing to try and understand our needs and support us in every endeavor we pursue! Thank you!) I began to feel that the desire to see my niece and nephews and spend time with my family was greater than the fear of what that experience would do to my heart. I thought that this, for me, was such a wonderful sign of internal and spiritual growth and trying to trust in this journey. I have never felt that desire before and I was so thankful to be able to enjoy the day. It was a great day! So I just continue to try and nurture my soul, be thankful for what I do have, make plans and dreams for the future and know that I am where I am because that's exactly where I'm supposed to be. It's easier said than done, but hey....everything worth something is worth the work right! :)
In what ways to do nurture your soul? Do you want to share ideas? :)