Sunday, December 28, 2008


Happy Anniversary dad and mom!!! Your love and gentleness with each other inspires us all daily. We are blessed to be under the umbrella of your unconditional and very special love. We hope the next 35 are just as happy. :) We wish you a wonderful day of celebration ~
We love you so much!

5 butterfly kisses:

Nonnie said...

and we love you!!! and are blessed by all that our togetherness has brought! :)
thank you!

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple. Hope you were able to spend the day doing something special. You are such an amazing example of love. Hope you enjoyed your day!

Annette said...

Jamie, you are such a sweet soul I hope my teenager will one day think that way about her father and I. I truly love your Mom, her kind words and thoughtfulness has helped me in so many ways, you are truly blessed to have such loving, kind, thoughtful, unselfishness parents!

jessamyn said...

happy anniversary to my most amazing parents.
your love breeds more love.
and we always need more love.

SweetAnnee said...

Look how sweet your parents look
I love it..thanks for sharing